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Know Your Rights: Resource Library

Information about tenant rights.

Articles, links, forms, and sample documents that can help you with landlord/tenant issues can be found in the Housing Library hosted by, our statewide legal information website. You can browse through all of the materials in the Housing Library, search for information on a specific topic, or use the Subject Guide found below.

Please keep in mind that tenant rights may vary by location. The information presented here applies generally to all Michigan residents; however specifics can vary from city to city. Many municipalities have their own laws and ordinances that govern your legal relationship with your landlord.

Other helpful resources:
Glossary of housing law terms
Writing to your landlord: sample letters

Resource Library Subject Guide
Here is a selection of articles to frequently requested information. For a complete list visit the Housing Library. Jump to a topic (or scroll down to view the entire list):

  1. General Information
  2. Eviction
  3. Maintenance & Repairs
  4. Mobile Home Parks
  5. Mortgage Foreclosure
  6. Privacy
  7. Section 8 & Subsidized Housing
  8. Security Deposits
  9. Small Claims Court
  10. Subleasing & Lease Assignment

Don't forget to try your local library for print resources!

General Information

  1. Tenants & Landlords: A Practical Guide
  2. Rights and Duties of Tenants Handbook [City of Ann Arbor]
  3. Leases


  1. Eviction Timeline
  2. Eviction, Illegal Eviction, and Utility Access
  3. Evictions for Nonpayment of Rent
  4. Evictions for Termination of Tenancy
  5. Know Your Rights: Interference with Tenancy and Illegal Evictions
  6. Surviving Eviction

Maintenace & Repairs

  1. A Tenant's Right to Repairs
  2. Housing Inspections

Mobile Home Parks

  1. Frequently asked Questions from Tenants in Manufactured Home Communities
  2. Instructions for Filing Mobile Home Park Complaints with State Government
  3. The Manufactured Home Buyer's & Resident's Handbook
  4. Michigan Mobile Home Park Administrative Rules
  5. Mobile Home Park Tenant's Rights

Mortgage Foreclosure

  1. How Mortgage Foreclosure Affects Tenants


  1. Privacy in Rental Housing

Section 8 & Subsidized Housing

  1. Subsidized Housing

Security Deposits

  1. A Guide to Security Deposits
  2. Security Deposit Timeline
  3. Your Security Deposit is Your Money Until The Landlord Proves Otherwise

Small Claims Court

  1. Frequently asked questions about Small Claims Court
  2. Small Claims Court Self Help Site

Subleasing & Lease Assignment

  1. Guidelines for Subletting
  2. Subletting Your Aparment
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