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Sample Letter 3- Negotiating a Rent Reduction


Dear (Landlord's Name),

I have withheld my rent for the past two months while waiting for the necessary repairs to be made on my apartment.  I spoke with you and wrote to you about these problems on numerous occasions before withholding my rent.

Now that all of the repairs have been made, I am ready to settle.  Enclosed is a check for $XXX, the balance of which is my rent reduction for having lived with these problems for so long.  I calculated this amount by deducting $XXX for each day that I lived with (problem).  I also deducted $XXX for my (property item), which was damaged during the repairs.

You cannot evict me for not paying this money, because it is not unpaid rent.  It is disputed money.  You cannot deduct it from my security deposit, for the same reason.  If you disagree with the amount I withheld, please contact me.

I hope that in the future we can deal with repair problems with greater ease.


(Name of Tenant)

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